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**Two Egypt’s**

"Nevertheless, the people who live in the land are strong, and the cities are fortified and very large; and moreover, we saw the descendants of Anak there.”

"Numbers 13:28

This passage this morning took me into some research, and some questions, some very fascinating ideas occur when you think of the size of our God, suddenly the Biblical stories become Supernatural wonders and again astonishment happens.

My question while reading this passage is “how did they know what the descendants of Anak looked like?” I mean they knew these people where different from them because these people were bigger then them, and so you get two Biblical narratives one that’s very natural suggesting that these descendants of Anak, where just some big and tall people, some theologians suggest that a Biblical Giant was a person who was 6` 6” which were considered Giant by the Israelites who were shorter and smaller, 5`8” tops.

Which, then suggest that God help the Israelites defeat people who were a few inches taller then them and maybe 20, 30 pounds heavier.

But again “how did they know what the descendants of Anak looked like?” remember the Children of Israel where in Egyptian captivity for 400 years. So, were there legends, folklore, stories told by elders, told through the generations, that persisted for 400 years, stories of people who were a few inches teller and 20,30 pounds heavier? Or were those stories of a Mystical, land a place where giants lived, people who had supernatural power, people who were descendants of fallen Angels, or other world beings, a place outside, where two worlds collide.

See there is an Egypt where your naturally held captive in the physical, in the flesh. And another where your held captive in your imagination, or Faith. An Egypt where Miracles and Supernatural events only take place outside, in place faraway from where you live.

So, not only did Yahweh free His people from physical bondage, He broke them free in their minds, took them outside, into a world where supernatural events occur, and into a land where legends live, a place on the other side of the river, where He moves, and you witness His power, and that power becomes part of your everyday life.

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