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__What distinguishes a lover of God?__

For the lovers of God may suffer adversity

and stumble seven times,

but they will continue to rise over and over again.

But the unrighteous are brought down by just one calamity

and will never be able to rise again.

Proverbs 24:16 The Passion Translation

The proof of your love for God, is witnessed through your continued “trying again” God placed His Holy Spirit in you and the Spirit of God knows no defeat, that tough, enterprising, creativity is straight from God and is one His characteristic. Your more than a Conqueror not because you always win, but because you lose, and still try again.

There`s a godly attitude that develops through the stumble, through the trials our faith is made stronger, there’s power when all you have is Faith and you know without it nothing ever works, but with it, you stay in hope and try again, what a value in strength God has created you to be… Gods people are the toughest people in history. And I want to salute everyone of Mighty Champions, who never give up!

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