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__The Stumble__

I just live streamed a message entitled be a “Built God Tough” Conqueror, based off of Proverbs 24:16

Where it says

“For the lovers of God may suffer adversity and stumble seven times, but they will continue to rise over and over again”

And now we got King David saying “when I stumble” isn’t it wonderful that we have a Father in Heaven who understands that you’re going to stumble, that you’re going to make mistakes, that there’s days where you will fail.

I look back on days and situations and think “I said the wrong thing” or “I could have done better” but, see to a lover of God a stumble is only an opportunity to learn and do better, and we will, when we stay focused on the Life of Christ, and allow Holy Spirt to lead us. really its when Holy Spirit isn`t leading us that we are “Stumbling” so there is going to be times when you say and do things that are not led by the Spirit, which will build into a desire to be more lead by the Spirit more often.

And because people say and do the wrong thing the wrong way, doesn’t make them a false brother, false prophet, or false teacher.

I really want highlight David`s statement, its very profound and a truth a lot of us have missed.

He says “You have every right to judge me, Lord, according to your righteousness”

I wish I could scream that, “JUDGE ME ACCORDING TO YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS” David like the rest of us are not Judged according to our own righteousness, our righteousness is like filthy rigs, but when you put your faith in Christ Jesus and His righteousness, now you are the Righteousness of God in Christ

(2 Corinthians 5:21)

One more thing, a Judge is not someone who decides a case and passes down punishment, just look at the book of Judges, none of them decided a case and passed down a punishment on Gods people even though they were guilty, but they did rescue and deliver.

So, when you stumble, God will rescue and deliver you according to His Righteousness, when you put your Faith in Him and His Son.

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