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__Slander is Violence__

Lying about and slandering people

are as bad as hitting them with a club,

or wounding them with an arrow,

or stabbing them with a sword.

Proverbs 25:18 The Passion Translation

This is clearly stating what we all know, all of us, at some point as suffered this violence, probably by someone you considered a brother or a sister, and at the sometime all of us paradoxically have assaulted someone we know in the same way, saying things about others, that we would want said about us.

For some this lying and slandering verbal assaults have become styles of communication, some people actually slander nonstop, and it has become their style of communication. Could you imagine a person living a lifestyle of hitting people over the head with a club, wounding with an arrow or stabbing with a sword, people who live that way are locked up in prison, you can’t have people running around behaving that way in a civil society.

Yet, in some circles, and sadly in most Church groups, theses verbal assaults happen regularly, “I know I been its victim” which makes some Church groups far less civil then the world.

By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

John 13:35 English Standard Version

Would a disciple of Christ hit someone over the head a club, or wound them with an arrow, how about stab someone with a sword?

I don’t think so…... yet we have people who claim to be disciples lying and slandering.

And I am not calling anyone a false this or false that, just saying there`s some habits, some communication styles that need to be worked on, things that we all need to be aware of when we speak or before we speak.

And some of you might be thinking “yeah but I tell the truth” to that let me say, “the truth, is what God says about a person” not your facts. Don’t mix up your facts with Gods Truth.

God Bless you Guys

Anthony “ThunderMouth” Smith

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